We tend to see the world through our own eyes and experiences which can lead to misconceptions about other cultures. We can either believe that everyone is just like us and be completely surprised when we find out there are differences or think we are all so different and be equally shocked at the similarities between us. Online education finds the middle ground. It is here we can learn to embrace our similarities and celebrate

by Ed Carter Persons who are living with disabilities must navigate an array of challenges when it comes to achieving their career goals. Part of this has to do with the lack of accessibility in various venues, such as schools and workplaces. Difficulties with transportation and mobility can also be a factor. And unfortunately, there is still discrimination against individuals with disabilities.  Luckily, a range of technologies now exists that can assist persons with disabilities who are

Welcome to Live Classes Online! We’re trying to do something a bit different. Yes, of course we are offering live online classes through our different sites (Adult Classes at, Kid Classes at, and Summer Camps at, but we’re going about things a little bit differently than other live online education marketplaces. For one, we are a closed marketplace. This means that instructors have to apply to be listed. In their applications, first we want

Learning is a lifelong process and the key to success in nearly all areas of life. Whether you are a preschooler, a college student, or an adult learner, learning new skills and acquiring knowledge can help you advance personally, academically, and professionally.  In recent years, online learning has shown significant growth globally. Billions of children and adults worldwide have pursued knowledge and skills online, particularly since the 2020 outbreak of coronavirus.  Some sites such Udemy and