Welcome to Live Classes Online!

Welcome to Live Classes Online!

We’re trying to do something a bit different. Yes, of course we are offering live online classes through our different sites (Adult Classes at, Kid Classes at, and Summer Camps at, but we’re going about things a little bit differently than other live online education marketplaces.

For one, we are a closed marketplace. This means that instructors have to apply to be listed. In their applications, first we want to see a well thought out class structure, then we want to see a charismatic interview. Only then do instructors get the opportunity to list their classes. And so far it’s worked! The feedback we received this last summer for our online summer camps was phenomenal. We want our students coming back time and again and we know that will only happen if we supply great classes.

We’ve also partnered with local organizations to offer our classes to their customers. So why does this matter? Because no organization (your local Recreation Center for example) is going to want to offer anything less than amazing classes. They have the ability to audit our classes, and none are obligated to stay partners if we don’t hold up our end of the deal – providing the best live online classes.

And while we’re the host for all kinds of programs, I know something about teaching myself. I’ve been in the education industry for over 15 years now offering kids classes and camps through my other company, IncrediFlix. I started teaching movie making as an instructor in Orange County, CA and my team and I expanded the business throughout the US. There was a reason we kept growing, and it was because we continuously strove to offer the best movie making classes we could. Every year we would take a look at our programs and figure out how we could improve them. And that quest for top quality classes is what we’re also looking for here at Live Classes Online.

So whether you are considering partnering with us, instructing with us, or taking classes with us, please know that we are striving for excellence and we want nothing more than for you to be thrilled with your experience with us.

Tobin Felfe, CEO at Live Classes Online