Partnership Program

Want to expand on your recreation repertoire?

No matter your organization, there is a limit to how many classes and offerings you can have available to your community! This means that unfortunately, some needs aren’t met.

Now consider the following:


  • Musical instrument classes
  • Arts and crafts
  • Board game specialty classes
  • Learning multimedia
  • Film and television
  • Mindfullness and meditation
  • Finance
  • Make money online
  • Internet safety
  • Podcasting
  • Cooking
  • New language
  • Religion
  • Photography
  • Fitness classes
  • How to homeschool
  • Fantasy Football
  • Astronomy
  • Anatomy
  • Passion and purpose building
  • Start a business/company
  • Poetry
  • Health and nutrition
  • Learn to program
  • Flora & fauna
  • Writing
  • Weather

The list is never ending…

What if there was a way to offer classes like the above (and hundreds more)?

You wouldn’t leave any community members feeling ostracized because they don’t have the same interests as their peers.

You could continue to serve your community members even when they weren’t on your premises.

You could increase your offerings to your community by 10 fold! And better serve the disabled, or immobile, or anybody that can’t make it to your facility.

Well I’d like to introduce you to Live Classes Online!

LIVE CLASSES ONLINE is a united marketplace of local organizations, looking to provide live online classes for students of all ages.

Partnership Structure

Some Info

We’re an online platform that offers hundreds of classes for both kids and adults. The list above is literally a snippet!
Why would you partner with us?
Well apart from increasing the amount of classes you can offer, as well as the time slots you can offer your communities, when one of your members uses your unique link we track them as your members.
We then share 15% of the revenue of any and all classes signed up to by your members… For life!
Creating a partnership with Live Classes Online gives you the ability to:
  • Offer more classes to your community
  • Serve your members from the comfort of their own home
  • Increase the revenue raised for your organization
How do you sign up?
It’s really so simple. We’ve created a google doc for you to fill in below (it’ll take you 1-2 minutes maximum)
Once you’ve submitted the form we will send through your unique link to share with your community!
As soon as your members start enjoying Live Classes Online, we’ll share 15% of the revenue from each and every class they do!

Apply Here!

To apply, fill out the application. We will contact you with details on the next steps.