Live Online Classes

Live Classes Online provides engaging instructor led content for people everywhere and of all ages, without having to leave the house.

Reliability & Trust

Live Classes Online employs several checks and balances to make sure we offer the highest quality content for an exceptional learning experience.

Closed Marketplace

Instructors must apply and be accepted to be a part of our marketplace.


Our partners can audit classes to ensure the best quality for their customers.

Student Feedback

See what other students think of classes before you decide to enroll.


The Live Classes Online Team has 15 years experience offering classes, and we're here to help instructors achieve success.

Our Partners

Just some of the recreation centers, schools, and other local organizations from across the country that have partnered with Live Classes Online to offer the highest quality live online content to their residents/students/customers.

As seen on...

Before we were Live Classes Online, we were Summer Camp Online.

Who We are:

At LIVE CLASSES ONLINE, we want to give students a great interactive experience!
We've been offering live summer camps and after school programs for close to twenty years, and know that a successful program means engaged students, whether they are kids or adults. We're not just about feeding information to students and hoping they're motivated to sit at the computer to learn, but rather we're about doing and creating. Don't be surprised to find yourself speaking a new language before you thought possible, or see your student working on a project, singing, dancing... while interacting with other students, and of course the live instructors! You'll never believe all the cool and fun topics that can be offered live and online.


We know we're only as good as our classes, so instructors must go through a proposal and class prep process so we know they have a well thought out plan and are ready to offer something special.

Limited Sizes

Our classes are not webinars. Classes have participant limits so you know that you or your child will get the attention deserved.

Background Checks

All instructors that teach students 17 and younger must be Background Checked. And they all must abide by a set of safety standards for your children.


Classes are taught by live instructors! Not only that, but students will be able to interact with each other and make new friends (or see friends that they can't be with in person).


Classes are offered at various schedules to meet your needs. If you can't get out and enjoy your usual activities, you can count on us to be there.


A portion of your enrollment costs help support your local community through our partnership program.